Our traversers which help in moving locomotives and wagons from one track to another whether they are beside each other or opposite. They function very well where only limited space is available for the necessary return tracks. . At rail terminals the wagons are delivered while pulling them on one of the tracks, after which the locomotives can traverse to a return track via the traverser. Via the return track the locomotives can be shunted to the other side of the wagons waiting on one of the siding tracks. In this way these wagons can again be pulled away.

In railway workshops a traverser is applied to move locomotives or wagons laterally from the siding track to a specific hall. In this way the wagons or locomotives can also be traversed from one hall to the other. E.g. from the repair section to the assembly hall. The great advantage of a traverser is that no long and costly return tracks with many switches need to be installed. Also more space for other purposes remains available.

We design traversers according to the specific requirements of our customers especially focusing on span, loan and the number of tracks to be operated. . Also as far as control is concerned there are many possibilities, e.g. manual control with positioning on view, to (semi) automatic positioning by means of radio remote control or via network. The control system can also be integrated in a maintenance and operational diagnostic system. Furthermore the traverser will be provided with the necessary safety mechanisms, along with protection against driving off, quay locking and all necessary signal lighting.

The entire production process consists of designing, constructing, assembly and delivery of the complete traverser.

All safety and signalling mechanisms contribute to a safe and user-friendly installation.

Cranex assures you of a quality product from one of the leading OEM  Manufacturers, which has supplied its products in Australia, Bahrain,  Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Malaysia, Philippine, Singapore, South Africa, Sri  Lanka, Taiwan, and UAE.

 We are responsible for the coordination with the clients, installation,  maintenance, repair and other services.

 Our range of Elevators includes products for all needs - for Commercial  projects, Residential projects and Infrastructure projects.

 We can provide Machine Room Elevators, Machine Room Less Elevators, Panoramic Elevators, Freight Elevators, Car Elevators, and Hospital Elevators.

Our range of products are specially suited for rugged Indian climatic conditions, and are well tested according to International standards

Jib Cranes offer an extensive range of installation options and capacities, with the power to create the best material handling solution with maximum space utilization. A Jib Crane can be mounted to your facility floor, foundation, column, pillar or wall to accommodate any space constraints or work plans. Jib cranes can handle load upto 63000kg effortlessly and can amplify human efforts to ease work.

Cranex Limited designs and manufactures these cranes to suit carious client requirements.

Gantry crane are particularly suited to lifting very heavy objects and huge gantry cranes have been used for shipbuilding where the crane straddles the ship allowing massive objects like ships' engines to be lifted and moved over the ship.

With Cranex Gantry cranes you can easily:
1) Relocate the entire gantry crane easily with your rental or leased facility operation or provide its utility in more than one area
2)Use the product in tight spaces or uneven surfaces
3)Add supporting parts to an existing crane in a very affordable and easy way.

Cranex assures you of a quality product from one of the leading OEM Manufacturers, which has  supplied its products in Australia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Malaysia, Philippine,  Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, and UAE.

 We are responsible for the coordination with the clients, installation, maintenance, repair and  other services.

 Our range of Escalators and Moving Walkways includes products for all needs - for Commercial  and Infrastructure projects.

 Our range of products are specially suited for rugged Indian climatic conditions, and are well  tested according to International standards.


Two bridge girders consisting of welded, or machine bolted structures. The girder towards the long travel machinery is known as drive side girder and the second girder as idle side girder.


Capacity : 0.5 Tons Onwards

Span : 5 mtr. to 40 Mtr.

Lift : 0.5 Mtr to 12 Mtr.


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